Accidents Caused By Impairment Or By Inexperience

Insurance companies increase the amount that a family must pay for car insurance, if some member of the family’s household is a teenage driver. Teenagers tend to demonstrate the type of behavior that can make a collision more likely. Obviously, the teen driver is rather inexperienced. In addition, teenagers frequently like to take part in an adult activity, such as drinking.
Statistics on the accidents that result from a driver’s readiness to ignore the restrictions on impaired driving underline the reasoning behind the payment changes that are made by insurance companies. Too often, a teen or a group of teens has been involved in such a tragic event.

Statistics that pertain to collisions caused by drunk drivers

Often the collision caused by an impaired driving can be linked to another accident-causing behavior. Frequently, the driver that has chosen to get behind the wheel after downing enough alcohol to develop a blood alcohol level of 0.08% will soon become guilty of speeding.
Because those impaired drivers allow their vehicles to move forward at such a tremendous speed, the impact at the time of the collision delivers a tremendous force. That force causes a large amount of property damage. In addition, the speeding vehicle that delivered such force sends a message. It makes clear the fact that the speeding driver should be held responsible for the passengers’ serious injuries.

Findings that pertain to collisions caused by inexperienced drivers

While it stands to reason that an inexperienced driver has been tested on a familiarity with all the rules-of-the-road; still, he or she may not care to follow all of them. Ultimately then, the failure to follow the same rules causes a large proportion of the accidents. Parents should prepare a teen for the time when he or she might be involved in a collision.
The well-prepared teen should know what steps to take. Although an inexperienced driver, a teenager can still become knowledgeable in terms of dealing with the recommended, post-accident actions. Hence, parents need to share their knowledge. Ideally, the teenager’s newly-acquired knowledge will ensure performance of the proper actions.
At the scene of a collision, the teen must respect the need to share his or her insurance information. By the same token, no teenager should be denied access to the insurance information that is held by the other driver. The same considerations apply to the sharing of contact information.
Parents should not rule out the possibility of getting a Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill, if the family’s teen-driver, has come home in a damaged vehicle, even if the teen seems to be the driver-at-fault. A teen’s lack of experience can make it easy for an older driver to deny responsibility for damage to the vehicle that was driven by a teenager. A lawyer should be able to see any weakness in the adult’s total denial of responsibility. A lawyer might prove that the adult was at least partially responsible.

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