Why Accidents Happen In Parking Lots And How To Avoid Them

Everyday, there are countless accidents that occur from minor fender benders to fatal accidents. There are many different reasons for an accident to occur while on the road, however there are even accidents that can occur while in a parking lot, the most common is a pedestrian versus vehicle.

Depending on where you live, parking lot accidents can occur on a frequent basis. While parking lot accidents are not usually life-threatening, they can turn into more serious accident, depending on what happened and how it occurred. This somewhat simple accident can leave you in a lot of pain for a very long time.

If an accident occurs in a parking lot, you may be caught off guard and don’t know exactly what to do at that very moment. You may be wondering if the rules are the same as if you had the accident on the road? Who will ultimately be at fault? Also, what can you do to prevent an accident from occurring in a parking lot?

If you find yourself in an accident that occurred in a parking lot, the first thing you will want to do is to take a breath and assess the situation. You want to first make sure that everyone is okay and then you can begin to handle the accident accordingly.

Most Common Causes of Parking Lot Accidents

There are many reasons why an accident may occur in the parking lot;

• Poor lighting
• Sharp corners/turns
• Unmarked lanes or spots
• Driving distracted
• Pavement conditions are not the best
• Speeding

The most common accident occurring in a parking lot is when a pedestrian gets hit by a car that is moving. While the vehicle was traveling at a slower speed than if they were going down the highway, a vehicle that strikes a person at any force is going to result in injuries.

When injuries occur because a vehicle hits you in a parking lot, you don’t want to be responsible for paying any out of your pocket, and you shouldn’t have to if the accident was not your fault. Consulting with an Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill can help your case.

Who Has the Right of Way in a Parking Lot?

It is important to know who actually has the right of way while in a parking lot. To answer this question, there are a lot of factors that must be considered beforehand; its not a cut-and-dry type answer.

If you are the driver and you are driving in a parking lot, and you are driving in the through-traffic lane, you have the right of way. This means that all other vehicles will need to yield and it doesn’t matter whether they are parked already or are approaching the through lane. The only exception to this rule is if there is a stop sign or a yield sign.

A vehicle who is exiting their parking space must also yield to any approaching vehicle that are currently in the through-traffic lane otherwise they are considered the ones at fault should an accident happen.

Do I Still Need to File a Police Report if the Accident Occurs in a Parking Lot?

Many people are mistaken when they assume that if an accident occurs in a parking lot, the authorities do not need to be involved and it doesn’t need to be reported. You need to always report any accident that occurs, even if that accident occurs while in the parking lot.

An accident occurring in a parking lot should be handled the same way you would expect an accident on the highway to be handled. Everyone who is involved in an accident in the parking lot should stay at the scene and someone needs to call the police to come. Not only will the police be able to help those on the scene, he or she will be able to write a report for all parties involved so you can file the report with your insurance company. The officer will also be able to check with all the witnesses that may have seen the accident happen and get their statements which can also be used in court if the case should develop to this.

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