Could Adopting A Dog Make You Liable For Personal Injury Claim?

If a personal injury lawyer wanted to get more clients, he or she might think about posting an offer for free puppies. Anyone that becomes a dog-owner has also been willing to risk the chances for getting sued by someone with a personal injury attorney. That new best friend could bite another human or even another animal, and thus push the pet’s owner to file a lawsuit.

What conditions can a pet owner introduce in a home, in order to lower chances for biting accidents?

Provide your four-legged friend with plenty of food. Establish one time each day when you will feed your pet. Make sure that your dog has access to water at all hours of the day and night. Ensure that your dog gets to exercise outdoors each day. Additionally, arrange for your dog to remain under control whenever the two of you go out together in public.

What you should do if your dog does bite someone that it views as a stranger

Immediately take steps to restrain the biting canine. Then tend to the victim. Give the victim your contact number. If you have them provide the victim with information on your dog’s vaccinations; let that same victimized person have a look at the dog’s medical records. Do not raise any objections, if the person that was the target of the dog bite has chosen to take some photographs.

If you get bit by a pet, how can you determine whether or not you have sufficient grounds for a lawsuit?

Find out if you will need surgery. That would make sure that you have a firmer foundation from which to sue.
Talk with a doctor, a see if your injuries will stay with you or fade away. If they can be classed as permanent, you will have a stronger case.
Will you need to take time off from work? The pet’s owner will still have access to a source of income. You may not. That could be grounds for a lawsuit.
Did you provoke the dog that bit you? Were you doing something that would be expected to provoke a nearby animal?
Additionally, if you have been bitten by a dog, it is important to call on an injury lawyer in Richmond Hill. The court will consider the factors that will determine the settlement amount. This includes the likelihood of future surgery, if there is permanent disfigurement or scars,and loss of wages due to injuries. All of these factors will determine the amount of compensation that you are liable to receive. Your personal injury lawyer is an asset.

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