Why You Should Always Report To The Police In Case of A Car Accident

You may be aware that you should always report to the police if you have been involved in a car accident, but you may not be aware as to why. And even more in cases in which no one got hurt and the only damage consists of a few scratches and maybe a small indent.In the following paragraphs, you can find out why reporting to the police is so important and what the dangers are if you neglect to do so regardless.

Finding Out Who Is To Blame

The first thing you will want to know in regards to a car accident is who is at fault. And this is where the police first come into blame. Upon their arrival, they will gather evidence and witness statements to make a first assessment and determine who is at fault.Even though they aren’t the only ones factoring into the final judgment call, they do play a vital role and having them to back up your claim is extremely beneficial.

Filing Your Lawsuit On Time

Given the time frame, aka the statues of limitations, in which you are able to file a lawsuit, you will want to get your hands on that police report of the accident. In that document, they establish the date of the incident which will serve as a guide for you and your car accident lawyer when it comes to meeting deadlines.

Getting The Details

The police report won’t just give you the necessary information regarding the time and date, but also give you other necessary details which can be vital if you are thinking of taking legal action. Listed in the report are witness statements, contact information of all involved parties, including said witnesses, as well as other details you could use to back up your claim.

If you find all the information in the report pointing at somebody else, you can also rest assured that you won’t be accused even if you already knew you aren’t to blame. All the contact details you will require in the future will now also be at your disposal. This will help your injury lawyer in Richmond Hill be able to formulate a strong claim.

The Downside of Police Reports

While we have already established that police reports are largely useful, there are also incidents in which wrongful information has been put down, or simply a severe lack of detail which could help determine fault or establish what really happened. However, having a lawyer in your corner can help you know the right processes and they will represent you when dealing with the law enforcement agencies.

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