Assessment of Side Impact Collision

Although the collision of two vehicles frequently causes damage to components on the front or back end, side collisions do belong on any list of traffic accidents. Although there are two main types of collisions, both benefit from the same approach to their assessment. That is due to the conflicting nature of the statements made by the involved drivers.
Both the side swipe and the T-bone collision highlight the value of one specific type of evidence. The assessment of either accident proceeds better, when the person making the assessment can study the statements made by witnesses. Such statements can clear the confusion that results from hearing two sides of the same story.

Injuries assessed by doctors that treat victims of a side-impact collision

Frequently, the victim of such an accident will suffer with a torn rotator cuff. The presence of that injury reflects the nature of a vehicle’s motion, after being hit from the side. Such a hit causes an erratic movement. The person inside that erratically-moving vehicle often finds that his or her arms get tossed around.
Some injured passengers have a torn tissue on a different limb. Some have a torn knee ligament. At times the jolting causes a driver or passenger’s knee to hit a hard surface within the impacted object. (Car, truck, van or SUV)
The force created by the impact can also cause injuries that are worse than a torn tissue. It can increase the chances for breakage of bones in any limb that hits a hard surface. Realize, too, that bones make up the entire human skeleton. The skull can get damaged, if it hits a side window.
During the period of time when a skull does hit a window, the neck below the head gets pulled in more than one direction. That is why the victim of a side-impact might exhibit the symptoms associated with whiplash. Even in the absence of such symptoms, the victim of such a collision could still have back or neck injuries.

Damages to be covered, as the result of expected injuries

In addition to the loss of income, an injury to a limb or to the head and neck region can lead to the emergence of unexpected medical costs. For example, the injured patient might require physiotherapy or a visit to a chiropractor. Someone that had suffered a fracture would need special equipment. The same patient might also want to alter sections of his or her home. All such efforts demand an input of money.
A lawyer could help a client to visit the proper specialist. A lawyer might inquire about the wisdom behind pursuing an alternate treatment, such as acupuncture. A lawyer could push for coverage of plastic surgery, if the victim’s face had been altered, upon hitting a side window. In addition, an Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill could work to speed the rate which a claim gets pushed forward.

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