Benefits For Ontario Residents Involved In Motor Vehicle Accident

In what ways does Ontario decrease the load that gets placed on a driver/car owner once that driver’s/owner’s vehicle has become damaged? That is the question that the following article aims to answer.

Rights granted to the affected driver/vehicle owner:

The scheme used for obtaining some form of compensation determines the specifics on the rights granted.

Accident Benefits get offered under one scheme.

Because Ontario has a no-fault system, these get offered to anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of who has been named at-fault. The available benefits provide money that can be used to cover medical expenses, income replacement, child care, attendant care, rehabilitation expenses, housekeeping expenses, lost education, visitors’ expenses, death and funeral expenses, along with any miscellaneous expenses.

The form used to request the benefits must be sent to the appropriate office within 30 days of the named accident. The victim’s insurance company expects to be told about the policy holder’s plan to seek the Accident Benefits. Victims that do not want their plans thwarted send that notification within 7 days of the accident.

A tort claim serves as an alternate scheme.

Ontario does not guarantee the issuing of Accident Benefits to any resident of the Province that becomes involved in a motor vehicle accident. The notified insurance company must accept a submitted file, before the submitting victim gets granted those desired benefits. Furthermore, not all the submitted requests for Accident Benefits come from the victims of an accident.

Some of them come from a former recipient of such benefits, someone that now seeks an extension of that money, which arrived according to an established schedule. In other words, a tort claim can serve as an alternate means for seeking the extension of Accident Benefits.

How do victims know what the size of their compensation package might be? The legal system does not provide the victim with even a glimpse at the package’s size. Any money granted to an accident victim through the court system gets viewed as an entitlement.

Like most gifts/entitlements, it has no fixed size. A judge in a courtroom studies the law, and then determines the extent of the victim’s entitlement. A victim with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vaughan can expect to win a larger compensation package.

Understand that a tort claim can serve more than one purpose. It can let others know that a particular accident victim seeks an extension of Accident Benefits. By the same token, it can make clear the legal grounds for seeking compensation for losses experienced, as the result of injuries sustained during a late-night a late-night accident.

In other words, tort claims have the ability to serve more than one purpose. Each of them can be the source of an extension or a compensation.

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