When Can An Individual Who Isn’t Driving Be At Fault In An Accident?

In most cases, determining driver fault in an auto accident is relatively straightforward. If they’re negligent and failed to take precautions or use reasonable care while behind the wheel of the vehicle, they will be at fault. However, there are rare occurrences when someone who wasn’t driving is assigned fault for the accident. In fact, there have been personal injury cases where the at-fault individual wasn’t even there at the scene. While this may surprise you, here are some situations where this is possible.

Allowing an incompetent, reckless, or unfit person to drive your car – you’ll be liable for damages and injuries that result from an accident caused by an incompetent, reckless, or unfit individual if you allowed them to drive your vehicle. Plaintiffs in this type of personal injury lawsuit must prove that the defendant knew or should have known about this.

Allowing another person to drive your vehicle – in some areas, the owner of the vehicle can be legally responsible for another driver’s negligence if they gave them permission to drive it. Basically, if you grant permission to the other driver, you’re responsible for their actions.

Doctrine of “family purpose” – a rule of law that holds vehicle owners responsible for anyone’s injuries that are sustained when another family member is driving and applies whether or not the owner granted permission. The theory behind this is based on the purchase and maintenance of a vehicle for general family purposes.

Negligent entrustment – if your child is incompetent, inexperienced, or reckless and you allow them to drive your vehicle anyway, you could be held liable in a personal injury case for any damages they cause while driving.

Signing your minor child’s license application – depending on where you live, you could be legally responsible for your minor child’s negligent driving if you signed their driver’s license application. In this case, the term “minor” refers to any female or male child less than 18 years of age.

You’re responsible for your children – parents can be held liable whenever one of their children drives the family vehicle negligently. There may be laws and legalities in some areas that allow for this.

Thus, there are various scenarios when you can be held liable for an accident even when you are not behind the wheel. That is when you need the expert services of an injury lawyer that can assist you. They will represent you during negotiations and even at the trial if there is a need. That is one of the reasons that when it is about legal cases, trying to do it on your own doesn’t help. You need the services of an expert lawyer in Vaughan.

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