Car Accident Injuries That An Injury Lawyer Does Not See Frequently

At the time of an automobile collision, the chance that a driver or passenger might suffer a specific injury becomes quite high. For example, the likelihood that any one of them could become a whiplash victim increases to a marked extent. For that reason, a car accident lawyer may have quite a few clients that plan to file a suit, because they must deal with the symptoms of whiplash.
On the other hand, the sort of circumstances that might be linked to a different accident-triggering situation might make their appearance only rarely. Hence, there are some injuries that a Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgetown sees with limited regularity. If fact that member of the legal profession might have to tell a particular client that he or she has never before dealt with a case in which the victim had the same sort of injury as that same lawyer’s present client.

Examples of injuries that get seen rarely

Burns: Remember that a large portion of the vehicles on the road still run, at least partly on gasoline. Gasoline is flammable, and it can leak out of a damaged vehicle. Once it gets exposed to high temperatures, it can ignite. That group of factors helps explain why there are times when the driver or passenger in a vehicle that is located at the scene of an accident might become severely burned.
PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder): Do not think that only someone that has been in traumatic situation could suffer exhibit the symptoms associated with that particular medical condition. Anyone that has been exposed to trauma, especially those that involve threat of death or serious injury could become a victim of PTSD. Hence the person injured at the time of a collision could demonstrate evidence of depression, anxiety or fear of riding in a car (a specific phobia).
Lingering injuries: These are medical problems that emerge over a period of many weeks or months. Spinal damage belongs on a list of lingering injuries; so does chronic pain. A lawyer for the victim with such an injury must prove that it became worse, in the days that followed the time of the accident.

One example of an almost unique injury

If someone with a chronic medical condition, one that has been corrected surgically feels the impact associated with a collision, he or she might exhibit a unique set of symptoms. They might be signs that an implanted device has been affected, and is not working properly.
For instance, a passenger might rely on operation of a ventricular shunt, an implanted device that runs from the skull to a lower body region, one located in the trunk. An impact to that person’s head could damage the same device. Hence, it could trigger the sort of injury-caused symptoms that a lawyer might have never seen before.

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