Damages Covered In Public Transit Accident Claims

Although motor vehicle collisions are the most common types of accidents with injuries that occur in Ontario Province, people are frequently injured when riding on public transportation as well. According to recent TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) data, 3 individuals suffer injury in a public transit accident every day based on an estimated 2.75 million boardings every week. Furthermore, these figures don’t include GO Transit or York Regional Transit (YRT) statistics.

What are the most common Public Transit Accident Injuries?

Public transit accidents can occur just about anywhere throughout the GTA and Ontario Province. Some of the more common accidents are:

• bus-motor vehicle collisions
• subway derailment
• taxi accidents
• train accidents

These are just a few examples of public transit accidents that can happen. The injuries individuals suffer in these types of accidents greatly depend on the circumstances of the accident. The personal injury lawyer will consider all aspects of the accident to calculate the total damages that you are entitled to. All aspects of the pain and suffering is evaluated before coming up with a amount. Some of the more common injuries include:

• back and neck injuries
• broken bones/fractures
• burns, cuts, and skin abrasions
• spinal cord injuries
• traumatic brain injuries

Thus, if you or a loved one was recently injured as a passenger on GO Transit, TTC, or YRT and negligence was the cause of the accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages for your financial losses.

What Damages can you recover?

If you were injured in a public transit accident while driving your own vehicle, you are probably eligible for SAB or “Statutory Accident Benefits” found in your auto insurance policy. As a public transit passenger, you would file a personal injury claim against the public transit agency and/or their insurer. SAB is based on the terms of your insurance policy and the extent of your injuries. Recoverable damages include:

• attendant care
• emotional distress
• family expenses
• future earnings loss
• home maintenance expenses
• housekeeping expenses
• lost income
• medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
• pain and suffering

If your injuries resulted from an accident caused by negligence, on the part of the driver or operator, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault party for damages with the help of Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill. In personal injury law, the term “damages” refers to what your injuries have cost you emotionally, financially, and mentally as well as physically.

Our legal team specializes in a broad range of personal injury cases. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that your rights are protected and that you recover the financial losses you’re entitled to. If you were recently injured while riding on a GO Transit, TTC, or YRT vehicle, call the RPC Law today at (416) 477-6840.

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