How To Derive The Most Benefit From Consultation With Personal Injury Lawyer

Anyone that has scheduled a consultation with a personal injury lawyer should be prepared to discuss in detail the accident that caused him or her to suffer a loss. Before the lawyer spends time studying the extent of that loss, the expert on legal matters will have to study all the aspects of the accident that forced the one possible client to request a consultation.

By looking closely at all of the accident’s relevant aspects, a lawyer can determine whether or not the prospective client would have what is called “good standing,” after filing a claim. A claimant has good standing if the evidence strongly supports his or her claim. In cases where the evidence is lacking, a lawyer might suggest that the prospective client not move forward with a considered case.

Sometimes a driver that has been involved in an accident talks with more than one lawyer, regarding his or her possible standing, if a claim were to be based on what took place at the time of that particular collision. If a consulted lawyer does feel that the prospective client would have good standing, then the same Injury Lawyer in Vaughan should be ready to answer all of the client’s questions.

Questions that help a client to derive the most benefit from a consulted lawyer

• What will be your fees, if any? What expenses would I as a client have to cover?
• At this point, what would you estimate the final settlement figure to be?
• How long do you think it might take for negotiations to lead to a settlement?
• If this case were to go to court, would you be prepared to handle the case?
• What resources do you have for going after the evidence and for finding useful experts?
• Have you handled many other cases such as this one?
• How do you communicate with your clients? Do you use the phone, email or one-on-one meetings?

What questions should not be asked when a prospective client consults with a lawyer?

It makes no sense to ask a question that has been posted on the same lawyer’s website, along with a clear answer. If the posted answer fails to explain fully what might happen in a case that focused on the accident that has harmed the prospective client, then the lawyer can be asked to provide some clarification. After all, every victim has unique injuries, and every accident takes place following a unique set of circumstances.

A lawyer’s education and experience should guarantee possession of the wisdom needed, for taking on a wide variety of cases. In addition, a good lawyer should stand ready to talk with various experts. Then that same lawyer will have answers for a client’s reasonable questions.

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