Does Distracted Driving Accidents Lead To Tougher Penalties?

If you happen to be sitting at a red light and grab up your phone, like we all do occasionally, that is going to actually cost you money soon. With an increasing number of people getting into a variety of accidents due to distractions while driving, which enhances the number of claims being filed.

Distracted Driver Dangers

Distracted driving needs harsher penalties, it has become an epidemic and everyone on the road needs to understand that distracted driving is dangerous driving.An accident is 23 times more likely to happen if someone is texting and driving.You increase your chances of having an accident by dialing your phone when driving. As many as one out of every five drivers admit they surf the web when they are driving when using their smartphone.

It takes a minimum amount of time to send even the most basic text, only five seconds. In five seconds of not looking at the road you have gone the distance of a football field. With even harsher penalties in place, we are still going to see people driving and on their phones. At least until the texting becomes as unacceptable as people driving while intoxicated.

The Law Still Applies at Red Lights

Maybe you think you will not be convicted if you were completely stopped at the red light. You should not even pick up your cell phone and hold it for only five seconds, stopped at a red light.

You must make sure to follow the law, to stay off of the phones and other devices because there is zero tolerance when it comes to distracted driving and the law.

New Distracted Driver Laws

The Canadian driving and license laws have some important changes in effect due to new legislation. These changes will include the following:

Your license could be suspended for five years, pay thousands of dollars in fines, up to two years in prison and receive six demerit points for a new offense, if you cause someone bodily harm or they die as a result of your distracted driving offense.If you are a driver that has had more than three offenses of distracted driving your license will be cancelled. If there has been an accident, it is important to call on an injury lawyer in Vaughan.

If you happen to be driving and you do not yield to pedestrians, you will be hit with fines that have doubled the current maximum amount. Hopefully, all of the roads will become safer due to these changes in distracted driving penalties. You need to remember that driving is a privilege, so lets’ keep it safe by not being a distracted driver.

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