Are Dog Bite Claims Eligible For Compensation?

Dogs can do horrible damage when they viciously attack humans or their own species. It is easy to not think of dogs attacking when we see adorable dog photos online. However, the fact is that the victims that have been attacked by a dog may have to be hospitalized and need plastic surgery. Germs from dogs that have bitten you and been left untreated can become infected and lead to body amputations.

In some Canadian cities, there have been bans passed on pit bulls that prevents ownership, importing and breeding. The ban also applies to other dog breeds that bear a strong resemblance to pit bulls. Hopefully, the ban could cut down dog attacks. It has been heavily debated whether the ban has been a deterrent in dog bites.Several organizations and members, including humane societies and kennel clubs, do not support breed-specific bans. They support that there are dangerous dogs within all breeds and that a dogs’ temperament and behavior is determined by more than just a specific breed.

It is recommended that it would be better to fine dog owners if their animal has been involved in an attack. Dog owners are encouraged to spay or neuter pets, socialize and train them to assess their temperament and vicious behavior and how to deal with the animal once they are deemed a danger.

Many studies, over the years have looked into the effectiveness of the ban. One researcher found that there was less hospitalization from dog bites in cities with pit bull bans than cities without. The study also noted a drop in the attacks on young victims as well. Due to this study, which was published in a journal, the researcher found a large drop in dog attack victims. But also warned the bans may not be the reason, but that there is a promising link in the research.

Another published study found the so called dangerous breeds of dogs were really not any more aggressive than breeds not considered dangerous. According to this study, other factors determined the dog’s aggressive behavior, such as this canines sex, size, age and when the owners had gotten the dog and eliminated aggressive behavior. The effectiveness of these bans will continue to be debated, some cities will continue bans, while some will not. What is really most important is that no matter, breed or size, people should pay close attention to any canine and realize if it is agitated to prevent being bitten.

However, if you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog and the injuries require medical intervention, it is time to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Georgetown.

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