Errors That Decrease Chances For Good Outcome With Personal Injury Claim

The legal system provides every defendant with the chance to state his or her case. If a jury feels a defendant’s case seems stronger than a plaintiff’s, the defendant wins, regardless of how the defendant was treated.

Those facts underscore the plaintiff’s need to collect good evidence, after making a personal injury claim. In addition, all plaintiffs must be careful to avoid committing certain errors.

The 2 most gracious errors

Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgetown is not bothering to document what happened at the time of the accident. That is best done by taking lots of pictures of the scene, the damage that has resulted, and any injuries. Do not overlook the fact that many businesses and parking lots have video cameras. There may have been a camera pointed at the spot where the collision that caused your injury took place.

Trusting the insurance company; assuming that the insurer will be on your side. The insurer does not know anything about your injuries. You must mention each spot on your body that got damaged in some way, even if it was only bruised. Do not allow the insurer to dream up some “duty” that you should have taken-on, in an effort to mitigate your injuries.

Victims are supposed to see a doctor soon after the accident. Yet besides wearing a seat belt in a car, a driver or passenger does not have a duty to take any other precaution. True, most cars have air bags, and a car owner should make sure that the air bags function properly. Still, the auto industry does not have to produce a vehicle that has bags in all vulnerable areas.

Other mistakes that those involved in an accident should avoid making

Assuming that all involved escaped harm, because those in the front seat did not suffer any injuries. Naturally, if the car got hit from the side, the passengers in the back would be at risk. In addition, a parent cannot know for sure what happened to a son or daughter. The younger passengers should not get overlooked.

Allowing the insurance company to get a snapshot of what you might be doing, even after you have been injured. Do not share any pictures with friends by posting them on a social network. Do not refer to the accident in any comment that you post on a social networking site.

Failing to realize how many different people can influence the decision made by the insurance company. Even the secretary in a doctor’s office might make a remark that gets used by the insurer to support an allegation that those in your vehicle did not suffer any serious injuries. An insurer might suggest that such a comment has the authority of a doctor’s remark.

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