What Factors Determine Compensation In Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

No amount of money can lift the veil of grief that falls on a family that has lost a loved one. Often such a loss brings with it financial troubles. In cases where a wrongful death has been the cause for one family’s grief, a lawsuit can be used to recover from any death-associated, financial losses. Consulting with an injury lawyer in Vaughan helps.

Recoverable damages: those covered by financial support

Financial contributions denied to family, due to the loved one’s death: During a determination of the value attached to such contributions, figures on projected inflation must be factored into the picture. This would also include any of the deceased’s projected earnings.
Loss of guidance, care and companionship: Financial support for the loss of care needs to cover things like the money paid to someone that can perform household or gardening chores. The money paid for guidance must cover services such as teaching, dispensing discipline and providing moral direction.
Filling the hole left by the absence of a companion can prove to be the greatest challenge. Participation in support groups can help to replace the lost companionship. Most such groups do not charge their members. Still, financial support could be offered for transportation to the meetings or special events being held by such a group.

Covered expenses

Compensation for a wrongful death always includes money to cover the costs of funeral and burial expenses. Yet such financial support alone cannot be counted on to cover all of the expenses paid out to family members, prior to the passing of their loved one. During a wrongful death lawsuit, those added costs are called actual expenses.
If a wrongful death has followed a period when the wronged individual struggled to recover from an attack, then the loved ones would have been offering their services at that time. A monetary value can be placed on such services, especially if the person offering the service used vacation time earned from a paying job. Hence, such services fall under the category of actual expenses.

The possible existence of dual needs

Reports keep coming from those that have chosen to follow the actions of parents that have seen a child taken from them by gun violence. It has become clear that the two parents have dual needs. The fathers have chosen to devote their time to causes such as gun control and political change. The mothers take part in other influential activities, such as going to stores that have made it harder to buy guns.
Studies have shown that participation in such activities does help a grieving person to re-channel their emotions. In that way, it helps them to deal with their grief. Perhaps financial support should include money that could be used in order to take part in a beneficial activity.

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