What Should You Do If You Fall While On Public Property?

Anytime that you fall outside of your home, or outside of the home of a friend or relative, you are likely to experience that particular fall while on public property. You might be entering a retail store, enjoying the rides in an amusement park, winding your way along a path in a city park or making your way into an eating establishment. If you were to fall while in any of those situations, you would become someone that must deal with the legal aspects of falling on public property.

The steps you should take:

• See a doctor and get examined, in order to determine the extent of your injuries.
• Gather evidence, such as photographs, documents and reports from witnesses.
• Contact a personal injury lawyer.

What you can expect to be compensated for:

• Pain and suffering
• Loss of enjoyment of life
• Loss of income while recovering
• Medical bills; costs for rehabilitation
• Equipment or medication to be used as part of your treatment
• Future healthcare costs

How your fall might force the business to re-evaluate the safety of its property

The business owner would probably be asking these sorts of questions about the area where the accident occurred.
• Is its space adequately lighted?
• Are its automatic doors working properly? Are customers alerted to the presence of an automatic door?
• Is the proper signage being used at the scene of a spill or in those places where the floor is slippery?
• Are there handrails on any stairs? What about any empty space on an especially wide staircase?
• Are the pathways leading into the business clear?

How you can make use of all the information in the above lists.

When a business realizes that it will probably get sued, because someone has fallen on the company’s property, or while entering that same property, it will hire a lawyer. If contacted, that lawyer may be willing to speak with the person that plans to sue his or her client. That attorney might even arrange for an early payout.
The client that has suffered injuries from a fall often welcomes the chance to get an early payment. Still, the attorney for the business that is at-fault may not reveal all the reasons that the injured party would have for seeking monetary compensation. By hiring a personal injury lawyer in Vaughan, you can feel more confident that you will be fully compensated. You have someone that will alert you to the hidden expenses, the ones you might not have considered. Plus, you can bring up any unexpected expenses.

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