How To Get Adequate Compensation For A Whiplash Injury

The driver or passenger in a car that has been hit from the rear might need to seek such information. That unfortunate occurrence would throw the driver’s or passenger’s torso forward, with the head and neck experiencing a force that moves in the opposite direction.

Later, the head and neck would get pushed forward. As a result, the tissues of the cervical muscle, nerve roots, discs and ligaments would be affected. Still, a motor vehicle accident does not take up a solidary location on the list of whiplash-causing accidents.

Types of accidents that can cause a whiplash-associated injury

• Motor vehicle accident
• A severe hit that has been delivered during an assault
• Skiing accidents
• Riding on rollercoasters
• Bungee jumping
• Ice hockey

There are other sports activities that can push the head to sustain the force created by a high impact situation. Some of the symptoms that may appear in early stages of disorder include:

• Cervical pain
• Restricted range of motion for head and neck
• Lower back pain
• Headache
• Pain in the shoulder
• Dizziness (This appears later than most of the other symptoms, except for the vision problems.)
• Impairment in memory or in ability to concentrate; for child: poor or diminished work performance.
• Difficulty sleeping; strange dreams keep recurring; same dreams might disrupt the victim’s normal sleep cycle.
• Unexplained sense of fatigue
• Possible numbness in hands and arms
• Possible blurry or double vision. Could also take the form of lights that seem to pop into the eyes’ line of vision.
• Any of the above problems could lead to development of chronic pain.

Potential strategies for chronic pain management

Some chiropractors suggest deep massage to eliminate pain and tension.

Acupuncture: This works to put an end to the perceived disturbance of the body’s energy flow.

Alexander technique: Teaches people to improve their posture, in order to relieve tension and pain. Users of technique become more focused on their purpose.

Suggested strategy for whiplash victim that hopes to win compensation at close of personal injury case

Get immediate medical help. Keep a daily diary. Write down what medications were taken when. Record details on other treatments tried, describing any readiness to resume a previously impossible activity. It is important that you keep a list of the activities performed during the day

Keep a second list of the activities that you were unable to perform, normally because that activity caused you to feel experience pain. Seek out a possible witness; this witness may be someone that has been spotted on footage from a video camera. Additionally, hire an injury lawyer in Vaughan and have that member of the legal profession contact an expert on whiplash-associated disorders.

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