What To Do When You Get Hit By An Under-Insured Driver

Following a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you will automatically have the right to claim for damages if you got injured. These damages include a long list of potential expenses following the accident, from out-of-pocket expenses, over pain and suffering, all the way to the loss of income wages your insurance company doesn’t already cover. The cost for these damages usually falls on the shoulders of the other driver’s insurance company.However, what do you do if that other driver has no insurance, or not enough insurance, or simply flees the scene before you can catch their contact information, or even just their license plate?

Mandatory Limits For Car Insurance

In most provinces, drivers have a legal obligation to carry the third party liability costs which amount to $200,000. Other options are also available which reach up to several million dollars. However, just like there are drivers who drive drunk, don’t stop at a stop sign or don’t give the least amount of care about speed limits, there are drivers who hit the road without insurance. Or even worse, they flee the scene without giving you the chance to get pointers about their identity, not even their license plate, aka, the classic hit and run.

Many provinces have a policy that gives you the automatic coverage of $200,000 in case something like this happens. On top of this, each driver can also invest in a family protection endorsement. This would cover under-insured, as well as completely uninsured drivers, unidentified vehicles. On top of themselves, the driver can also cover their spouse, selective family members and other dependents under this endorsement.

When And Under-Insured Driver Hits You

In case of serious injury, with the guilty party’s third part liability limit at $200,000 and you in a position without family protection coverage, you are facing compensation from the guilty party’s insurance which is capped at $200,00.If you are looking at a different situation where you are equally severely injured, but the guilty party has a third party liability limit at $1,000,000 and you have family protection coverage of also $1,000,000, then the guilty party’s insurance will only be capped at $1,000,000 as well.

When the Guilty Party Is Covered for $200,000 While You Are Covered For $2,000,000

In this case, the first $200,000 regarding the coverage would be paid by the guilty party’s insurance company. Next, you would receive the remaining $1,800,000 from your own insurance. It is important to seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Georgetown so that you have professional assistance. They understand all aspects of the process and will be able to assist you through the complete claim procedure.

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