Get Prepared To Meet Your Injury Lawyer For The First Time

Irrespective of whether you have been in an auto accident or slip and fall incident, the fact is that if it involves serious injuries it can be frightening and disorienting for not just a few days but even weeks to follow. If you need to file for damages, it helps to stay organized.

Before you schedule a meeting with the Injury Lawyer in Vaughan, it is essential that you have all the relevant information that you can gather so that the lawyer gets a better understanding about the case. Here are some tips to help you prepare beforehand you meet your lawyer:

Your information

To start with, the lawyer will want to know more about you and your requirements. That is why it is important to bring some identification with you. Your full contact details, date of birth and all phone numbers might be needed. Additionally, basic information about your family might be needed. You might want to give details about your current employment status and medical history.

Details on The Accident

It is important to give all the details about the accident that you know of and your view on the liability of the accident. Your lawyer will need information about the documents that were given or taken with the other driver or the law enforcement. If you are able to create a timeline of the accident, it will help him or her to piece it together better. From the injuries you sustained, to the police investigations, anything and everything that you inform them will help. Additionally, if you bring photographs of the accident scene, it can help the case immensely.

Details of the insurance policy

If you can bring your insurance policy, the injury lawyer can look over the details of the policy limits and coverage. This includes all insurance policies, including vehicle, health and homeowner’s insurance so that depending upon the type of claim you intend filing, the lawyer can help you piece the details. Keep the list of insurance adjusters and the correspondence with the insurance company related to this incident.

All pertinent medical information

Your lawyer will need to know all about your medical history and the injuries related to the current accident. This will be needed to show how the accident has affected your quality of life. The lawyer will need to know about the medical care you got after the accident, the diagnostic reports and medical treatment that you are undergoing, health care institutions where you were treated and the list of future treatments that you are aware of. It is important all medical bills, invoices related to treatment, list of doctors that treated you and the people you have discussed your case with.

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