How To Get Reimbursed For Lost Income And Lost Earning Opportunities

Some losses are easy to visualize, such as a loss of property. The loss of wages, when an accident victim cannot get to his or her workplace, could prove harder to appreciate. Yet a smart accident victim should work to highlight the nature of that same loss.

Two situations that could lead to a loss of wages

The victim of an accident did not show up at his or her workplace, because that same worker had been injured, and was not well enough to work. The victim of an accident must schedule some time off, so that he or she can attend a treatment session. Alternatively, the same victim has scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

Considering the value of other losses:

If an employee were forced to use sick time on any days when he or she had a doctor’s appointment or had to go to a treatment, then that same sick leave time takes on special value. Similarly, if an employee were forced to use vacation time, in order to make-up for his or her absence from the workplace at the time of a doctor’s appointment or a treatment session, then the vacation time, too, has a special value.

The employee has been forced to use up sick time or vacation time that could have been used for a different purpose. Hence, the same employee deserves compensation for that lost time.

How can a self-employed person get compensated for time away from the job, while recovering from an injury?

Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill advices that you should keep track of all the hours that were spent at home, when that time would have been spent caring for the company’s business. You need to show evidence of how much money was made in the past, when an equal amount of time was devoted to company business. Two strategies can produce such evidence: showing the accountant’s book or showing past taxes’ statements.

Approach to take when seeking compensation for lost earning opportunities

Review the nature of any former job responsibility that the recovered worker can no longer handle. Explain how that same responsibility would be given to anyone with a similar position at another company or another institution. Seek the help of an economic expert. Such an expert should be able to explain the cost of the lost ability to perform a specific task.

Economic experts can estimate the cost of living at some time in the future. Having estimated that cost, the same expert should be able to estimate the loss in terms of salary, when a certain position remains unattainable. The inability to qualify for a given position represents a lost earning opportunity. It would be a loss that was caused by the way that a victim’s injuries have proved consequential.

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