Guide To Personal Injury Claims Stemming From Boating Accidents

The victims of boating accidents, be they injured or killed, rise up to the thousand each passing year. This total is comprised of accidents which involve cruise ships, yachts, duck boats, and houseboats. While such a large number of accidents is concerning, it can be in part explained by the steadily increasing number of boats purchased each year. The ones injured by such accidents will most often be able to sue the at fault party for damages in order to receive justice and compensation.

The Most Frequently Reported Boating Accident Injuries:

• Damage to the tissue and muscles
• Leg and arm lacerations
• The loss of a limb
• Injuries to the neck and spinal cord
• Drowning

Knowing When To Report A Boating Accident

Currently, Personal Injury Lawyer in Vaughan has five big pointers by which to determine whether an accident needs to be reported or not. The following are the instances in which a boating accident must be reported:

• The vessel sustained damages that exceed the $2,000 limit
• The vessel is damaged beyond repair
• A person went missing and is assumed to be at risk of severe injury or death
• A person was severely injured and first aid is not sufficient treatment
• A fatality occurred

Determining Liability In A Boating Accident

Since most boating accident are caused by the collision with another vessel, the process of determining liability is heavily comparable to the process revolving around motor vehicle collisions on land. As such, the court will need evidence by which they can determine the series of events leading up to and revolving around the collision.Further commonly reported causes for boating accidents include:

• Accidents resulting from intoxication
• Port or dock collisions
• Product malfunction
• Negligent behavior expressed by the operator of the boat
• Fluid and gas leaks

However, irrespective of the reason behind the accident, the fact remains that the injured need medical assistance first and then they need the assistance of the injury lawyer to help then get the legal assistance they need to get the damages.

Knowing When To Get A Personal Injury Lawyer Involved

It is always wise to get a lawyer involved as soon as possible. This way, you will know whether you have a case to begin with, and if you do, how to strengthen it. An experienced lawyer will be able to help you determine fault, gather evidence, correspond with your insurance company, and present your case in a professional and concise way. Unlike most other parties involved, your lawyer will be fully on your side and act in your best interest and your best interest only. Thus, only work with a lawyer that is experienced and has handled such cases before.

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