Hazardous Situations Linked To All-Terrain Vehicles

All-terrain vehicles are commonly known as ATVs.

What are typical reasons for using an ATV?

• Keep track of livestock
• Inspect farmland or region of forest
• Enjoy some recreational activities

Types of ATV accidents

• Flipping and rolling
• Failure to follow instructions for vehicle’s usage: The makers of ATVs did not design them to carry passengers on their back section.

A serious injury that could be reported, following occurrence of an ATV accident

Traumatic brain injuries are often suspected, when victims of such an incident comes into a hospital. Some of the challenges to detection of traumatic brain injury (TBI)

–Pathology of the brain
–Problems with noting appearance of marker in blood
–Findings must correlate with neurologic observations, usually from CT scan or MRI
–Should be made in timely manner, so that quick treatment possible; early detection increases the victim’s chances for recovery.

Why ATVs’ owners ought to make a point of keeping up-to-date on advances in detection and treatment of traumatic brain injuries?

Some teens use that vehicle for recreational purposes while others use that vehicle, when assisting with specific chores. Additionally, a teen’s muscles are not as well developed as an adult’s; therefore, he or she has less of an ability to control the ATV’s movements.

Hospitals realize that someone with a TBI should receive treatment as soon as possible. Still, there is no good way for detecting the presence of such an injury. As a result, some hospitals administer anti-epileptic drugs to any victim of an ATV accident.

Still, a certain amount of controversy has arisen, in response to the adoption of that practice. Hence, a method that could be described as a treatment might have some adverse consequences.

Insurance agencies are not eager to pay for an extensive treatment. Consequently, an insurance company might feel that administration of anti-epileptic drugs has been an acceptable way of treating a possible traumatic brain injury.

Still, utilization of such a procedure would not rule out the chances for development of a TBI. Parents should watch for the appearance of subtle symptoms, in order to know when a teen ought to visit the offices of a pediatric neurologist.

Parents should appreciate the fact that a teen is a minor. Under the rule of law, someone with a personal injury has the right to ask for an extension of the deadline for filing a lawsuit, if he or she happens to be a minor.

The usual timeline for filing goes into effect once the injured minor has reached the age of 18. At that point, he or she would have the right to consult a personal injury lawyer in Richmond Hill, and decide what action could be taken against a responsible party. That same party might be someone that had suggested riding on the ATV’ s rear.

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