How Can I Obtain The Police Report For My Car Accident?

Keep in mind that the police report can make the difference between having your claim or case denied and winning a huge settlement. You most likely have a police report on record if you have been involved in a car accident, no matter how minor it may have been. There are some things that you should know about the report before you try to obtain it:

● A police report is generally not admissible evidence in court
● Police reports can influence the outcome of negotiations since they give all sides involved a clear picture of how the accident occurred as well as critical details regarding it.
● You will find it difficult to modify information on the report once it has been created and filed.

What is a Car Accident Police Report?

Expect the following to be included in a police report:
● Full details of the crash
● Information about those involved and statements from witnesses and eyewitnesses.
● The observations from the officer at the accident scene.

How You Get a Copy of the Police Report

You can give the police station the police report receipt or retrieval number when you call the station. That’s an easy way to get a copy of the report. your personal injury lawyer in Richmond Hill can also give the name of the officer who was at the accident scene.

Most stations ask for a fee to process the report. Keep in mind that you can obtain a copy of the police report from your own insurance company if they’re investigating the accident. Chances are, they’ll have already obtained it.

Information that You Can Find in a Police Report

Police reports tend to include the following things in common:

● Details of everyone involved in the accident
● Summary of the accident and the nature and extent of injuries sustained by anyone who was involved in it.
● Details about the location of the accident.
● Summary of the road conditions or traffic hazards that were present at the time of the accident.
● Statements from witnesses and eyewitnesses
● Anything that the officer found at the accident scene.

Count on Your Car Insurance Company to Get a Copy of the Police Report

Your own insurance company will definitely ask for a copy of the police report. Expect your insurance company to analyze the details of the police report to determine who was really at fault for your car accident. The insurance company will then decide if and how much of a settlement to give you.

How a Police Report Can Help You Outside of Court

Negotiating the Settlement- You can use the police report information to help you draft a demand letter to the defendant’s insurance company.

You Can get Informal Statements- You can get inside information by contacting witnesses and eyewitnesses. The information can be used outside of court to help strengthen your claim.

Why is a Police Report Inadmissible in Court?

In case you were wondering, you can’t use a police report in court generally because there is no way to ask it questions.

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