How Do You Report An Accident To Your Insurance Company?

Make sure to contact your insurance company immediately if you’re ever filing a personal injury case or claim.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Try to contact your insurance company within 72 hours of your accident if possible. Your insurance policy may contain details regarding the deadlines you have in filing the claim or case. You definitely need to get in touch with your insurance company if any one or more of the following situations apply to you:

• You and/or your passengers have sustained injuries in a car accident. This is especially true if you have sustained any type of property damage as well.

• Another person on your property sustains injuries, no matter how minor they may be.

You should also report the claim as quickly as possible, if the following applies to you, though it’s not necessary that you do so. You file a claim with your own insurance company or someone else will file a claim against you. It depends upon whom the liability of the accident lays.

What You Should Expect When You Talk to Your Insurance Carrier

Make sure you provide the person to who you are talking with full details about your personal injury accident. You want to inform them of the parties involved, how the accident occurred, who the eyewitnesses were, who was injured, what types of property were damaged.

Expect the insurance agent to ask you questions that are designed to gather this type of information from you as well. You need to be honest, and specific and provide as complete information as possible. This is an important step so that clear information is provided.

Just remember that an adjuster from the defendant’s insurance company may call you. While you still want to talk to that person, you don’t want to tell him or her too much information. Remember to always document who you have been talking to in relation to your personal injury accident.

Make sure to get confirmation that the information you are providing the necessary insurance company will be filed in their office. Expect to receive a formal letter from the insurance company within a few days. Follow up if you don’t receive this letter.

Either you or another party will file a claim for the personal injury accident. You need to cooperate with the insurance company that’s investigating the claim even if you filed the claim and the defendant was 100% at fault. You may need to let the investigator inspect your property or car for any potential damage sustained during the personal injury accident. Your personal injury lawyer in Richmond Hill will also need to let the adjuster examine your medical records as they relate to the accident.

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