How To Gather Needed Evidence?

Someone that has submitted a personal injury claim should strive towards presenting the strongest possible case. By adding to the collected evidence, any claimant has the ability to create a stronger case, as per Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill.

What information should the evidence provide?

Some pieces of evidence should tell how the accident took place. Other pieces should showcase the way that the victim’s injury has affected the same victim’s life.

Actions that help with gathering pieces of information

• Call police while at scene of accident; later obtain copy of the police report
• Get the contact information of any of the other drivers
• Get the license number for any other driver; get the number on the plate of any involved vehicles.
• Get the insurance information for any other driver. Find out if any driver had been doing a task that had been assigned by an employer. In that case, be sure to get the employer’s contact information.
• Study the condition of the damaged vehicles.
• Check for the presence of any signs or traffic signals
• Take photographs of any damage or any injury
• Keep a record of all repairs to the damage. If the damaged vehicle had received any pre-accident improvements, try to obtain proof of that fact.

Be sure that all occupants of the vehicle that felt the impact receive a timely medical examination. Also share with any physician that has been seeing one or more family members the fact that the physician’s patient was riding in a car that became involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Another action to consider

It helps to hire a lawyer. Any claimant that has hired a lawyer should find it easier to be prepared for a possible lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer in Richmond Hill would understand how to use the gathered evidence. A lawyer’s guidance should prove useful, if it were to become necessary to compose questions for interrogatories in a deposition. Ideally, those same questions would help to add to the amount of evidentiary material.

Lawyers also know how to determine the credibility of any witness. There might be the names for some witnesses in the police report. An attorney should be able to assist with plans for interviewing those same witnesses.

The same attorney might discover that one witness had been riding in the other driver’s vehicle. Alternately, that attorney might learn that one of the witnesses only heard the sound produced by the collision, but did not see the event take place. That information would spotlight the questionable credibility for certain witnesses. As a result, the attorney’s questions to the same witnesses might be used to weaken the other side’s case. Obviously, if the other side’s case were made weaker, the opposing side would have a stronger case.

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