Introduction of Chronic Problems By Immobilizing Victim For Prolonged Time

Certain aspects of an accident victim’s treatment can reduce the effectiveness of that particular remedy/treatment. That fact highlights the nature of the effects produced by prolonged immobilization of an injured body part. An initial injury can get worse, if the affected body part gets immobilized for an extended period of time.

Problems that might result from a decision to immobilize a particular body part:

• Changes in posture, which have been made in an effort to decrease the level of pain caused by a given injury.
• Loss of bone density
• Permanent changes in the bones or muscles
• Loss of the normal range of motion
• Muscles get tight; loss of flexibility
• A decrease in the level of blood flow, which limits the amount of blood reaching the injured tissues
• Patchy healing of the muscles; causes the muscles to demonstrate a reduced amount of flexibility.

Why such changes should be of concern to a personal injury lawyer

Any compensation awarded an accident victim should take into consideration the chance that immobilization of injured tissue might diminish the ability of the immobilized part to function properly, following the victim’s recovery.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Vaughan know that they must make sure that mention of any complication gets placed in the client’s medical record. An attorney should work with an injured client, in order to collect the evidence that can support a claim, regarding development of complications.

Proof of some complications, such as the changes in posture, does not exist without pictures of the victim/client, prior to occurrence of the event that caused the accident-linked injury.

A lawyer needs to convince the jury that a decrease in blood flow could limit the amount of blood reaching the damaged tissues. One way to demonstrate the veracity of that claim calls for the making of movements that are similar to stretching movements. Such movements help to get blood moving in the blood vessels.

A lawyer might emphasize the fact that people tend to stretch after waking up in the morning. That act helps to get blood flowing up to the brain. As blood reaches the brain, the stretching man or woman starts to feel more awake.

A lawyer’s request for more compensation might hold more weight, if the jury can see an example of the limited actions that can be caused by a loss of some muscle’s range of motion.

Ideally, the lawyer’s presentation will reinforce the permanent nature of the changes that can result from immobilization of an injured region on the body. The judge and jury need to come face-to-face with the message that any prolonged loss is sure to become a permanent loss. That permanent loss can translate into something quite serious, namely the disappearance of a normal body function.

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