Do Left-Hand Turns And Yellow Light Accidents Lead To Catastrophic Injuries?

People will sometimes experience a collision at a crossing, due to traffic lights that are yellow. It is essential to know the person is at fault if you are involved in a yellow light or left-turn accident.

Fault in Yellow Light Accidents

It is not true that yellow, or amber, traffic lights indicate a driver should slow down. It is very clearly stated in the Highway Traffic Act, “one must stop if you can do so safely; otherwise, go with caution.” It is also made very clear in the Insurance Act, the fault determination rules is that you will be found negligent, if you hit the other car when you were driving through an amber traffic light.

Left-Turn Accidents

The driver that made a left-turn maybe found to be at fault in a collision. If a vehicle is turns right, they have the right-of-way at the intersection. It will be difficult to get the proof and prove in court. However, there are actually exceptions to the rule. If you happened to make the left-turn, because you did not see the oncoming vehicle because they increased their speed, in order to pass through the intersection. Additionally, chances are high that they did not yield for the red light and hit you, it is then their fault. You must have eyewitnesses and proofs to show that the other driver was negligent.

Accidents at Yellow Light

In some cases, accidents occur where there is a yellow light and a left-turn. Some places have a line that drivers can pass over into the intersection. This is where they wait for their chance to turn. Many people are under the assumption that they are allowed to turn left when the light is yellow but this is not true. If all cars completely stop and you have a clear left-turn, this is the only time a driver has right-of-way to turn left on yellow. It is a safer course of action if you wait behind the line to turn left, but if you are hit when doing so you are still the driver at fault in the accident. The exceptions for this accident are the same as with left-turn accidents.

After-Effects of Driving Accidents

You could pay the maximum fine, receive an increase of your insurance rates and receive three demerit points, for running a yellow light. Repercussions of a car accident can be worse, someone could be seriously injured or it could be a fatal accident. You may be the one that suffered injuries in a left-turn accident, if so, you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Vaughan.

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