Your Legal Options If You’re Hurt While On-The-Job

Wise employers do their best to keep employees from being injured while carrying out their on-job responsibilities. Still, accidents can happen, and a worker might get injured while completing an assigned task. If you find that you have sustained an injury which was caused by your performance of work-related activities, you need to follow a set protocol, in order to be assured of fair compensation.

What you must do

First, report the injury to your employer or to a supervisor. If you are a responsible employee, this should be what you feel obliged to do. If you are a lazy employee, you may think you are entitled to take it easy, and complain later. Employers should be grateful for a complaint about a valid injury. Next file a claim with the appropriate court. It might be a worker’s compensation court. Alternatively, it could be an industrial court.
Next, go to see a doctor. This may not be your first visit to a medical facility. It could be that your employer had you go to a specific facility when you first reported your injury. You have the right to speak with your own doctor. In fact, if you need the opinion of a specialist, you will have to go after that same opinion, although you should not expect your employer to be pleased with what might be perceived as a delaying tactic.
At this point, if not before, you should think about contacting injury lawyer in Vaughan. Even if you soon get back to work, your employer may feel worried about a possible lawsuit. Meanwhile, do not go back to work until your doctor has said that it is OK. Understand that you might not be able to work full time, when you first return to your job. If your doctor says that you cannot go back to work, then you deserve to get disability compensation. Your lawyer should help you to go after such compensation.
It could be that your request for the disability payments gets denied. If that is the case, then you can always appeal the decision. Submitting an appeal is easier, once you have hired an lawyer.

A possibility you might not have considered

Think about all the circumstances surrounding your on-the-job injury. Is it possible that a co-worker or even a contractor did something careless or neglectful, something that caused you to be harmed? If that is the case, then you might want to initiate a civil lawsuit against that same person.
Such a lawsuit differs slightly from one that you might have against your employer. According to the law, employers have to compensate injured employees for only two things: their medical expenses and the days when they could not earn a salary. In contrast to that, the person targeted by a civil lawsuit can be held responsible for personal injury damages, such as pain and suffering.

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