What To Do If A Long Term Disability Claim Has Been Denied?

After you have worked for many hours, in order to complete the necessary form, despite being injured, you cannot help but feel hopeful, regarding the decision made by the company to which you sent that same form. Hence, you will probably experience a combination of confusion and sadness, if your long term disability claim gets denied. Still, you must realize that receipt of such unwanted news does not mean that you have not reached a roadblock or an impasse.
You need to understand that issuance to you of a denial letter represents, but one part of the process followed by the insurance company, the company that received your completed form. That process has not come to an end; with your help, it will move forward. You must undertake certain actions, in order to ensure continued progress for that forward movement.First get a good personal injury lawyer in Vaughan, if you do not already have one. That member of the legal profession can guide you as you undertake a series of steps.

Study the letter that was used to send notice of the denial

Does it state that you failed to prove that you can no longer handle your job responsibilities? Does it indicate that you fell short of providing the insurance company with visible evidence of the fact that you have not yet recovered fully from your injury? Maybe you failed to take some suggested test. The insurance company does not care about your pain; it wants to see more in the way of test results.

Prepare for an appeal

Start collecting those documents that will help you to come out a winner during the hearing that will get scheduled, once you have filed an appeal. Speak with your personal physician about writing a letter. Gather all of your past medical records. At the same time, you should speak reports from friends and family members.

Take advantage of the mediation process

Learn more about the various factors that the mediator will consider before coming to a decision. The mediator’s final decision should reflect his or her consideration of these influential factors: your condition, what you have requested, in terms of monetary compensation, and the risks and costs that would be linked to any scheduled litigation.

Keep in mind what you will have to do, if the above steps do not help you to achieve your goal.

Ideally, the mediator will have helped you to get at least some portion of your requested compensation. If that is not the case, then you have reason to give serious thought to the way that you intend to respond to a second or third denial. Unfortunately, once your claim has been denied three times, you cannot submit another appeal. Still, you can sue the insurance company. Indeed, you stand prepared to take that particular step, if you have already spoken with a lawyer.

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