What It Means To Drive Defensively

Drivers get this recommendation: Drive defensively? What does that mean? It means keep yourself safe. Some people think that by staying home, they are sure to stay safe.

If you have a car and like to driver, you probably do not want to stay home. So, how can you remain safe, while on the road? Below you will find the best tactics to use, if you want to enjoy a safe road trip.

Tactics associated with on-road safety:

Keep your vehicle in good condition. Make sure that the tires are in good shape. Check to see if the brake can be counted on to perform its job. Take the time to test the performance of the front and rear lights.

Keep your windows clean and do not go for a drive, with a non-functioning windshield wiper. You never know when it might start to rain.

Be sure to check for the presence of other vehicles in your blind spot, before switching the pathway that you have chosen for your own vehicle. Before you sit behind the wheel of your vehicle, walk around that same car, truck, van or SUV.

Stay clear of another driver’s blind spot when traveling on the highway.

Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Lower your speed, if it looks like you might be forced to tailgate.

Avoid reliance on any sort of distraction. Do not eat and drive. Do not apply makeup while driving. Do not respond to calls on your cell phone. Do not use your cell phone, so that you can keep your hands free. All of these tips will ensure that you are alert while driving.

Practice that could make the roads less safe:

Drivers must have their vehicles inspected every 6 months. Vehicles get a sticker on their front window, after undergoing inspection. A dealer selling a used car might have a vehicle with a sticker on its window.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgetown advises that the buyer should ask for the date when the vehicle on sale was last inspected. The seller should give an honest answer, not simply the answer that ensures completion of the sale. Otherwise, the seller gets expected to take a risk.

Buyers that hesitate to ask the above question risk the chance of traveling down the highway in a vehicle with an out-of-date sticker. If an officer sees the out-of-date sticker, the innocent driver might get stopped. If the same driver seldom gets asked to pull-over, he or she might not do a good job of performing that maneuver. A driver that fails to maneuver in a satisfactory manner poses a threat to other drivers.

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