Measuring The Worth of Your Slip And Fall Lawsuit

It can be a bit of a struggle to define the worth of your slip and fall lawsuit since its true value is dependent on a list of factors, starting with obvious ones like the severity of your injuries, and ending with less obvious ones like the behavior of the property owner.To get an idea of what your specific lawsuit could be worth, you can find a guide on what to do following below.

#1: Documentation

Following the incident, you should start documenting as soon as possible. Take pictures of all your injuries and the place in which you fell – pay extra attention to the state of the property and what the trigger for you injury was. However, you should not limit yourself to photographs; you should also write everything down so you have all necessary details to show your injury lawyer. Another thing not to be underestimated are witnesses. Take their contact information and statements, since that will most likely be the defining factor in the decision of who is at fault for the accident itself.

#2: Medical Care

If you are gunning for that maximum settlement, you will need to seek immediate medical care. Your injuries will need to be assessed and documented so you can have the proof you will later need to support your case, not to mention that you should get your injuries treated right away to avoid a potential worsening of your condition in the time that follows. After all, untreated injuries have a tendency to become more severe over time if left untreated.

#3: Legal Help

With your injuries now treated, the next step is to reach out to an Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill, preferably one who has a track record of successfully settling slip and fall cases so you can be sure they actually know what they are doing. When it comes to determining the worth of your settlement, they will be your best chance at making an estimate. The lawyers will guide you about the ways present your claim, help you find evidence, talk with the witnesses and gather proof needed to help you win the claim.

They will consider the location where the accident occurred, how much insurance coverage is available, how serious your injuries are, what financial resources the defendant has at their disposal, and finally, how strong your case is, so they can make an informed estimate and give you the dollar amount which you can expect and should be aiming for together with your lawyer. It will help you tide over the financial issues that you have been facing due to the accident.

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