Motions Associated With Personal Injury Lawsuit In Ontario

There a lot of different things that one might actually find necessary and important when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit. Most of them are likely to baffle the regular user as they are highly judicial and don’t make a lot of sense to someone who is not perfectly familiar with the relevant legislation.
The judicial slang, so to speak, also includes motions. A motion is a regular application or a procedure in court which is used by the lawyer to request and obtain the highly desired court order. The latter is made by the judge or the master of the court. In Ontario, for instance, the masters are actually appointed court officials. It is also important to understand that the person who is actually initiating the motion is regarded to as the moving party. The person to whom the motion is being directed is known as the responding party.

The Records

When you file a motion, you must develop the “Motion record”. This is going to be comprised of the notice as well as a sworn affidavit which is relating it to the evidence included in it. Copies are then made and they are filed with the court.

A Notice of Motion

The notice of motion is a form which is designed to identify the party that’s initiating actions the date and time when the motion is going to be heard by the court as well as what’s the actual location of that hearing. It is also going to determine and identify the method which is going to be used. It will state the relief which is being pursued as well as the grounds which are going to be argued upon and others of the kind.

Getting a personal injury lawyer

This is undoubtedly amongst the most important things that you would have to take into account. All of the documents which are crafted for a lawsuit have to be submitted within a certain form and time frame. Failing to do so is going to result in a return and this is going to push the resolving of the case further. This is definitely something that you want to prevent.
Furthermore, if you fail to get a motion right a few times, you might be getting your case thrown out – this is not something that you can afford. Working with a lawyer guarantees that they will handle your case properly. He will make sure that you undertake the right motions in the right time, so that your case is moving towards the right direction. This will enable you to achieve the result that you are seeking and get the compensation you are entitled to. This will help you get the right legal aid at the right time.

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