How To Move Forward After Settlement Talks Stall Or Break Off

At any stage of the claim settlement process, an accident victim might come up against someone that puts the concerns of the insurance company above everything else. Maybe the victim will attend an independent medical exam after having undergone neurosurgery. The same victim might find that the examining physician then issues a report that declares the examined patient ready to return to work.
Do you doubt that such an event could actually happen? A more likely scenario would relate to the tactics used by the adjuster. Some adjusters give the injured policy holder a ridiculously low offer, after a claim has been made. That low offer has been made with the intention of forcing the policy holder to accept that low number. Yet when a determined policy holder meets up with a stubborn adjuster, settlement talks can stall.

Smart strategies for the determined victim/policy holder

The victim’s determination can be shown by his or her determination to avoid falling into the adjuster’s trap. The adjuster wants to get one phone call, one in which the person that has made the claim agrees to accept the adjuster’s low offer. Adjusters do not like to get repeated calls from the same person, especially if each call represents another request for a more reasonable offer.
Adjusters realize that the person that has made the claim has a right to file a lawsuit at any time. Hence, a determined victim would be wise to hint at plans to exercise that same right. The initiation of a lawsuit would force the adjuster’s loss of possession of the victim’s case. Of course, that assumes that the available claim-making process does not entail use of a pre-trial mediation.
Those victims that are ready to spend a few extra dollars might care to meet with a personal injury lawyer. The meeting could be scheduled as one that would be used for consultative purposes. Still, no meeting ought to be scheduled until the possible client has discovered what the lawyer’s hourly fee would be.
Finally, do not overlook the fact that all adjusters have a boss, normally a supervisor. Ask to talk to the supervisor. If the supervisor’s words and behavior seem to copy those of the adjuster, then request the name of the claims manager. The claims manager oversees the actions taken by the supervisor.

Make the most of your pursuit of each strategy

For example, do not feel satisfied with the name of the claims manager. On the other hand, do not think that you should just call that same manager. First get a statement that puts in print the insurance company’s settlement position. Then arrange to meet with the supervisor’s boss (the claims manager). However, it is best not to try and negotiate the settlement on your own, but hire the services of the injury lawyer in Georgetown to assist you with the complete process.

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