Once Claim Has Been Submitted, How Long For Settlement of Auto Accident Case?

Claimants that have been injured, and are unable to work, lack a source of income. For that reason, any one of them could be eager to obtain monetary reimbursement for the accident-linked damages.

Is the issue of liability clear?

If the answer is “yes,” then the settlement should be achieved in a few months’ time. If it were to appear that more than one person was liable for the damages, then it would take much longer to achieve that same moment, the moment of the dispute’s resolution.

What was the extent of damages suffered by the victim?

Did the medical bills validate the victim’s claims about his or her injury? A lack of such validation could prolong the amount of time that the claimant must wait, before managing to settle with the insurance company’s representative.

What type of doctor did the claimant see, while being treated for the reported injury? Claimants that have chosen to schedule visits with a chiropractor could encounter challenges from the insurance company. That action would increase the amount of time that must pass before the 2 sides manage to settle.

Other factors that could lengthen the amount of time that must pass, before the opposing parties have settled their differences:

Adjusters with a huge caseload are unable to hasten the arrival at a settlement. How many steps must get completed during the claims process? Does any step call for a review of the claims from multiple parties? If so, then that would lengthen the time until settlement.

Did any step require that an adjuster receive the approval of a supervisor? That step might be added to a claim for expenses linked to a serious injury. The addition of such a step would add to the amount of time that the injured claimant would need to wait, before hearing details on a settlement’s terms.

If the victim had not yet reached the point of maximum medical improvement (MMI), then the victim’s lawyer would be unable to determine what might happen, following a conclusion of the recovery period.

If any of the injured victims were children or teenagers, then the Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill might seek an extension of the deadline that has been established by the statute of limitations. If the court were to allow an extension of that deadline, then that would delay the achievement of any possible settlement.

The absence of certain pieces of information could delay the time when the 2 sides have agreed to settle. One of the most significant pieces of information would be contained in a police report. If no such report were available to those investigating the claim, then the investigators would need to seek an alternate source of useful information.

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