What Part Does The Police Report Play In Investigation of Insurance Claim?

Sometimes one or more members of the law enforcement community arrive at the scene of an automobile accident. When that is the case, then the arriving representative of the law puts together a report, one that focuses on the viewed accident.

What members of the law enforcement community might come to the scene of a collision?

• Local police
• County sheriff
• State police
• Highway patrol officers

What sort of information would anyone or them include in a write-up of the collision?

• The date and time of the accident
• The location of the reported collision
• A diagram of the scene
• Names of involved drivers, passengers and witnesses
• Names of the injured
• Facts about the weather and road conditions
• Details on the property damage
• Description of the involved vehicles

Do insurance companies have access to a police report?

The bulk amount of any police report becomes available to the public. Some of it might not be available to the public. That would be for one of 2 reasons:

-Those involved in the accident were aiding completion of a criminal investigation;
-Some of the information used in the write-up must be kept confidential.

An insurance company might also inquire about the existence of a second report. That would be the case if the vehicles had collided in a parking lot. Once made aware of that situation, the insurance company might ask about a report that was created by the parking lot’s security guard.

What could an insurance company do if some portion of a police report had not been made available to the public?

There are Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill that work for the various insurance companies. An attorney hired by the insurance company could issue a subpoena, in order to obtain the desired police report.

By the same token, if an injured victim retained a lawyer, then that same attorney could subpoena the restricted information in a police report. In that way, the attorney that issued the subpoena could read all that had been written about the client’s accident.

Suppose the attorney’s client finds a mistake in the report that was given to the lawyer of that same client?

If that is the case, then the client that discovered the mistake has the right to compose his or her own statement, one that should contain the correct information. Once that statement has been written, it can be taken to the proper police station and given to the person that had been put in charge of the station’s reports.

Understand that the police station is not obligated to add the submitted statement to the existing report. Still, the lawyer for the statement’s author (the client) would know about the submission of the notice, with the correction.

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