Is It Possible To Sue The City For Personal Injury Due To Negligence?

If you suffer an injury because you are injured on public property, you may need to sue the city in order to obtain medical care and compensation. When an injury occurs due to someone’s negligence, it’s most likely something that you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer in order to obtain the rights to compensation. If you slip and fall on a city parking lot or side walk, chances are, your fall was a result of someone not doing their job and keeping the areas free and clear or ice and/or snow.

Deadlines for Filing a Claim against a City

If you did suffer a slip and fall, you will want to find a professional lawyer as soon as you get out of the hospital with treatment of your injuries. Your lawyer will need to go right to work on your case while everything is still fresh in your mind and the injuries are still visible.
It’s important to file a claim within ten days of the date of your accident. You will need to give the city or municipality a written notice of intent to file a claim. This notice will need to be sent by registered mail or delivered by hand to the council. What happens if you don’t file within ten days of the accident? Your rights to file suit may expire. Your lawyer will know what your rights are and the deadlines to ensure that your rights are protected. Consulting with a lawyer immediately will make the difference.

What to Include in Your Complaint

When you file a complaint, what should you include in this complaint? There are important details that you don’t want to leave out concerning the accident. It’s important to include:
• The date that the accident happened
• Copies of all pictures of the injuries or damage sustained
• Copies of all the pictures you took of the location of the incident
• A complete description of the location in which the incident took place
• The cost of care including copies of receipts for any medical treatment or devices prescribed by a medical professional
• A copy of your doctors notes regarding your injury
• Estimates or receipts of all repairs or damages done to property
• Damages done to property
If you have witnesses that seen the accident occur, you need to have contact information of those witnesses in order to make it easier for your lawyer to reach out and get their side of the story.Your personal injury lawyer in Georgetown will need your full cooperation. It’s important that you take note of as much as you can possibly note in order to make sure that everyone knows how slick it was or how the conditions played a role in what really happened the day that you got hurt. Keep copies of everything and be prepared to hand your lawyer a copy of everything as well.

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