How To Preserve Evidence After Personal Injury Accidents

The goal is to prove your case to the insurance agency when you have been in an accident. To do that, you will need to find witnesses to help your case. Immediately after an accident, you are still trying to process everything and recover from your injuries however it’s these first few days that are so crucial to establishing your case. You want to document as much of the accident as you can. Here are a few steps that you can take to make the most out of your personal injury claim you plan to file.

The Scene of the Accident

When it is possible, do return to the scene where the accident happened. Do this as quickly as you possibly can. Find any evidence that you find that will help you determine who was at fault. It could be photographing the tire skid marks or just simply the entire scene where it all took place; traffic lights, stop or yield signs, etc. You may actually find something that could have been overlooked as you weren’t in the right mind at the time of the accident to gather up this information. Tell your story with pictures, video and your view of what happened. Walk around at the scene and talk about what you remember happening. It’s important to include what you were doing, where you were going, were you rushed, or was it work related. It’s also a good idea to take a photograph of the scene at the same time of day that your accident as your personal injury lawyer in Georgetown will need it.

Keep Physical Evidence Protected

It’s not always easy to prove your case so when you have a piece of evidence that is sure to determine the fault, you want to protect it any way you can. this includes maybe ermine nots of a broken stair if you had a fall that resulted in your injuries. Or maybe it is a dent in the car that shows that you were hit as a tree branch that overhangs blocked visibility. You want to ensure that you are taking good photos that are clear and show the actual point you are trying to make. Here are some tips to get the best pictures.
• Try to avoid Polaroids as they do not show fine details like a regular camera or a digital camera
• Take several photos in different angles so you, your personal injury lawyer, or the insurance company can sort through and find the ones that help the most.
• Take photographs as soon as you possibly can so you can be sure that the picture shows the scene and you don’t lose your proof.
• You need to establish the date of the photos. To do that, ask someone that is with you to snap the picture of you holding that day’s newspaper or something that has the date on it. Then have your friend or family member write a note that states he or she witnessed you taking the pictures on a certain date.

Find Witnesses

It is not always easy to find witnesses, even though you know someone seen the accident happen, it’s hard to get someone to stand up for you. A witness may feel intimidated, may feel like they are going to lose their job, or they may feel as though they are being unfair. But a witness to an accident is one of the most valuable pieces of proof you can have for your case.

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