An automobile accident can force an injured victim to spend time in bed, recovering. During that period of recovery, the bedridden adult cannot carry out his or her job responsibilities. At the same time, medical expenses mount up. Victims living in Ontario should schedule a slot of time, in which to speak with a lawyer. That is the first step in the process that gets directed at the acquisition of a fair compensation.

Information to share during the consultation:

Explain how the accident happened. What were the conditions on the road? What driving patterns did the drivers exhibit before the collision?

Review the nature of any injury suffered by the driver, or by one or more passengers. Did anyone utter a cry of pain at the time of the accident?

Share the information recorded in the medical report and explain how the injury has affected the victim’s life. It is important to provide details on the insurance policy and on any communications that have been made with the insurance company.

How a hired lawyer will investigate the scene of the accident?

Take photographs of damaged vehicles. Note the number of traffic lanes on the road. Note the presence of any signals or road signs and record the visibility of any noted sign. The same lawyer will get the police record and study the client’s insurance policy. If there were witnesses, it becomes the lawyer’s job to interview each of them. Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgetown can request compensation from the insurance company of the responsible driver.

Process followed if compensation not granted:

The lawyer has the right to file a notice of civil claim. Claimant must undergo a medical examination, if one has been scheduled by the other party’s insurance company. After that the lawyer and client await response to civil claim.
If no response, the court can pass judgement, and issue a decision. The two avenues possible, if a response has been received: The 2 parties can attend a mediation.The 2 parties can attend a pretrial conference. Depending on the result of that conference, there may be a trial.

Precautionary message for any accident victim that intends to follow the above process:

Do not agree to settle with the insurance company until all injuries and losses have become apparent. If someone cried out in pain at the time of the collision, that same individual should be seen by a physician, even if there are no visible injuries on that same person’s body. Keep a record of any painful sensations that were felt after the accident. Record, too, what actions seemed to bring on such pain. Make sure that repairs have been completed properly, before settling. A bad repair job could add to the value of the accident-caused losses.