What Qualifies As A Disability In Canada?

According to Canadian law, the term disability refers to any severe or prolonged condition, one that limits a person’s performance of routine activities. Those activities would include things like dressing, walking, feeding oneself, speaking, hearing, seeing, mental functions and bowel or bladder functions.

Someone affected by such a disorder qualifies for disability benefits. Still, the same person must apply for such benefits. Before applying, it helps to have the condition diagnosed by a physician. That way, the applicant can show that he or she sought some form of medical intervention for the disabling condition.

Examples of routine tasks that become a challenge for someone with a disability

The job of lifting of a heavy object can prove extremely difficult for someone with a weakened back.

Although the task of opening the lid on a jar may seem like a simple action, it becomes a difficult job for someone that has developed arthritis.

Being faced with the responsibility for repeatedly going up and down stairs introduces the chance for development of problems, if the responsible worker relies on a device known as a ventricular shunt.

Facts that should be noted by someone with a disability:

Lawyers familiar with various disabilities often have list of the most common disorders. Still, any disabled person should not hesitate to speak with such an attorney. He or she can check to see if the potential and disable client could qualify for disability benefits.

The disabled individual can have either an acquired or an inherited condition.

Someone that struggles with any one of the routine daily activities can be considered disabled. For instance, someone with an eating disorder could qualify for disability benefits.

The impairment does not have to be severe, if it persists for a long time. Someone with a mild intellectual disability would have grounds for applying for the type of coverage that is given others with disabilities.

A worker with limited abilities can pose a danger to other workers.

He or she might fall down on the job. He or she might suddenly drop and object that could no longer be held in the hand. Such situations could create a danger to other employees. Because employers seek to put an end to such dangers, workers with a disabling condition can seek LTD (Long term disability) benefits, with the help of an Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill.

Why do some organizations encourage employers to hire those with disabling conditions?

Government money helps pay for some of the former workers that retired early, after developing a disability. Some of them could earn a salary, if an employer agreed to provide certain accommodations. That is why some organizations make a point of encouraging employers to have one or more disabled workers on their payroll.

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