Questions Most Often Asked About Settling A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury lawyers provide each potential client with the chance to have a free consultation. During that time, the prospective client can get answers to any questions that relate to the method for gaining compensation for a personal injury. Sometimes the same question gets repeated over and over.

Is there a deadline for filing a personal injury claim?

Someone that expects to take advantage of the coverage promised by an insurance policy does not have a time limit, with respect to filing a claim. However, there is always that chance that the insurance company might deny the anticipated coverage. In that case, it could prove necessary to file a lawsuit.

There is a deadline for filing a lawsuit. That deadline has been established by the statute of limitations. In order to file a lawsuit, the plaintiff needs to provide the court with a complaint. If the court were to discover that the reported accident took place before the date that would be the start of the period leading up to the deadline, then it would refuse to accept the complaint.

In other words, any possible plaintiff should get details on the state’s statute of limitations. Then the same injured victim should present the complaint before the indicated deadline.

What actions must I take, once I have been in an accident?

Obtain contact information from those involved in the accident, and from any witnesses. Get the name of the insurance that was purchased by the responsible party.

See a doctor just as soon as possible.Sit down and record all that you remember about the accident. Be sure to preserve the evidence: That would include any pictures of property damage or of an injury. It could also include any objects that had been taken from the site of the accident’s occurrence.

Notify the responsible party and tell that same individual about your plans for filing a personal injury claim.Arrange to meet with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill. If the lawyer agrees to take your case, learn how you can help with a gathering of the evidence.

Learn the statute of limitations for your state. Get hold of a calendar and mark the date that is the deadline for filing a lawsuit. Keep that date in mind, as you deal with the insurance company. If you have been injured in a previous accident, share that fact with the lawyer. Also, if you happen to have a chronic medical condition, you should share that fact with your injury lawyer.

Avoid sharing information that relates to your case with anyone that is part of an online social network. Do not post any pictures on a social networking site.

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