Quick Facts About Motorcycles And Road Rash

When someone rides a motorcycle, they don’t have the benefit of the protection of a steel box surrounding them. There’s not much between the rider and the elements. This means that motorcyclists are at a greater risk of suffering accident injuries. For example, they can much more easily be thrown from their motorcycles and experience road rash.

What is Road Rash?

The term road rash almost sounds like something not particularly serious. Just a little rash, right? Nothing too serious! A road rash can be a serious injury. It’s caused by a motorcyclist’s skin making contact with a roadway surface like gravel, pavement or asphalt. Even protective gear can’t always prevent road rash depending on how hard the driver was thrown from the vehicle.

With road rash caused from being tossed from a motorcycle, the rider experiences ripped layers of skin. Severe road rash can go down all the way to the bone. It can be difficult to treat, cause infections and has even resulted in nerve damage.Road rash is usually placed into one of three categories, depending on the severity of the rash. These are the different types of road rash.

• First degree road rash. This is considered a minor type of motorcycle road rash. It impacts the skin’s outer layer and may not require medical attention. Symptoms include minor redness or a burning feeling.
• Second degree road rash. This level involves the breaking of the skin’s outer layers without puncturing through to muscles or other organs. Symptoms include pain and swelling. Often there will be scarring. Medical assistance is required with a second degree road rash.
• Third degree road rash. The most severe form of road rash, third degree rash impact all levels of the organs below the skin. Tissues beneath the skin are exposed. Sometimes the skin is through the muscle and to the bone. Immediate medical treatment is necessary. Often medication is required to reduce the chance of infection. Surgeries like skin grafts may be necessary. It’s common to experience skin loss and scarring with third degree road rashes.

A road rash caused in a motorcycle accident can be debilitating. Common effects include swelling, scarring, pain, disfigurement, infection and fever.

Compensation for Motorcycle Road Rash Injuries

Since a motorcycle road rash can have such a negative impact on a person’s health and wellbeing, victims may be able to pursue reimbursement or coverage of certain expenses related to the accident. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill can help.

Medical Bills. It’s important to make sure your road rash injuries are diagnosed, treated and documented by a professional. Always seek medical treatment after a motorcycle accident. If you make a personal injury claim, your lawyer can help you recover compensation for hospital stays, emergency room visits, doctors’ appointments, surgery, medication, medical supplies, imaging (diagnostics/lab work), medical devices (crutches/wheelchairs), and mileage to and from medical appointments.

Lost Wages. A road rash injury may prevent a person from completing their regular work duties resulting in lost income. It may be possible to get wage compensation the time you weren’t able to work while getting treated, any loss of future earnings because your injury prevents you from performing your normal job, and vocational training to learn new skills so you can return to work.

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