What A Resident of Ontario Should Know About SABS

Once a resident of Ontario has sustained injuries in an accident, that same man or woman can decide between 2 courses of action. In that province, the victim of an accident has the right to sue the negligent party and to seek damages. At the same time, that injured victim reserves the right to file a claim for benefits, under SABS.

What is SABS?

SABS stands for this phrase: Statutory Accident Benefits schedule. Its activities operate under the guidance that has been provided by the Automobile Accident Benefits Service of Ontario. Talk with your Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgetown to know more about it.

Who can file a claim under SABS?

• Any Canadian that owns a car, van or SUV can file such a claim.
• Any Canadian that owns a truck can file such a claim.
• Anyone that travels along Canada’s roads on a motorcycle can file a claim for benefits.
• Any pedestrian or bicycle rider that gets hit by a motor vehicle while inside of Canada has the right to present a claim for the SABS’ benefits.

What benefit money is made available under SABS?

Income replacement: The accident victim that has chosen to seek any of SABS’ benefit can go after an award that equals 80% of the same victim’s salary. That income replacement continues for a period of 2 years, as long as the injured victim has held a paying job for the at least one year or more. It offers money to cover the victim’s medical and rehabilitation costs and reimbursement for childcare expenses, if the victim is a stay-at-home parent. You can consider it as an at-home aid for the injured man or woman, with funds to use, in order to pay a person that will help with housekeeping. Additionally, it covers expenses such as repair or replacement of eyeglasses, if pair lost during accident or clothing that was damaged during an accident.

Added benefit if victim has died

Money goes to family members, in order to cover the costs of a funeral and burial. The Family Law Act makes such money available to any Canadian resident that has lost a loved one, due to the negligence displayed by someone else. SABS’ provisions ensure delivery of such a payment to any family from any country that learned that the same individual was walking the streets of Canada, when he or she got hit by a local resident.

Added benefit for those without a job

Any Canadians that get involved in an accident, while pursuing a lead for a paying job can go after this particular benefit. It provides such individuals with 2 years of payments. That payment arrives on a weekly basis, with each payment equaling a total of $85. If the victim so requests, the payments can go on for another 10 years.

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