How To Ride A Motorcycle Safely During The Winter Months?

While riding a motorcycle can generally never be considered safe, there is an additional danger to driving one during the cold season. According to a study conducted, motorcyclists only make up two per cent of drivers, but are also at a fifteen times higher risk of involvement in a motor vehicle accident than the driver of any other vehicle.

Specifically, in regards to the cold season, experts have warned all motorcyclists to be particularly weary in regards to sudden drops in temperature due to the resulting black ice on asphalt all over the Canadian roads. However, if you do still encounter one of these frozen patches, be sure to pull the clutch and led your motorcycle coast across. Do not brake or accelerate.

Tips On How To Navigate A Motorcycle During Winter

In order to support motorcycle drivers in preventing accidents during the winter months, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has put together a list tips and advice for all motorcycle riders to keep in mind:

• Tire pressure will need to be checked with increased frequency. Low temperatures cause a significant decrease in tire pressure. This is because air molecules move slower in lower temperatures and thus, also take up less space than during the warmer months.
• Prevent the fogging of your face-shield by applying anti-misting spray on your mirrors and visors. Clear vision is vital, especially with black ice potentially layering the asphalt.
• Be aware that low temperatures can increase levels of fatigue which in turn lowers your reaction time. Thick layers and fully covered skin can only do so much, so be sure no to overestimate yourself. Hold back on that acceleration and drive with care.

Motor Vehicle Collisions Are On A Rise

While motorcycle drivers are, of course, still one of the most vulnerable groups navigating the roads of Alberta due to their lack of protective metal casing and slimmer, more easily overlooked silhouette, they aren’t the only ones who have been facing an increased fatality rate over recent years.

Recent statistics provided by Ontario Transportation have shown that 201 has a reported total of 345 fatalities resulting from motor vehicle collisions. Add to it the accidents that happen in other provinces. Compared to the year prior, this makes an increase of over ten per cent. Additionally, the study warns that Fridays show an increase in motor vehicle collisions.

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