Risk Factors For Injuries That Result From A Motor Vehicle Crash

If a serious, possibly fatal accident takes place in or near a specific municipality, the municipal authorities in charge of that same region can become rather shaken. Any one of them might start giving greater consideration of the risk factors for motor vehicle accidents.

Factors over which authorities have at least some control

The establishment of an organization that reviews the available data that pertains to collisions. The information supplied by such an organization can guide the implementation of effective traffic safety measures.

The willingness to interact with other communities that have an interest in motor vehicle safety. Interactions with nearby communities have the greatest importance, because the road from one such area carries vehicles into the adjoining area, and vice versa.

Staffing relevant offices and agencies with people that have the appropriate skills. That should include engineers with an understanding of how-to time traffic lights. It also helps for the authorities to have access to an epidemiologist, someone that knows something about accident-related injuries, and also a statistician.

Obtaining a stable source of funding for projects directed at maintenance of traffic safety. That could be funds collected through local bond issues. It could also entail the writing of grants. A grant needs to have useful data, a fact that underscores the need for people such as a statistician and an epidemiologist.

How many of the authorities know anything about writing a grant? Is there a course on grant writing at the local community college or the adult school? If so, someone with influence in the municipality ought to take that same course.

A factor over which authorities have less control

The importance that the community places on motor vehicle safety. A municipality might plan to work with the school board, in order to get school children used to thinking about the value of concern for traffic safety issues. Schools might help with the education of students on issues that relate to safe on-road practices by drivers, riders on bicycles and pedestrians.

Obviously, concern for such issues reflects the desire to prevent or minimize accident-related injuries. That concern should motivate authorities to investigate the conditions at a local hospital emergency room or at a local clinic. Is such a facility equipped to handle large numbers of patients from a car crash?

In addition, the Personal Injury Lawyer in Georgetown knows that the authorities should give thought to working more closely with members of the media. Perhaps the media could be encouraged to give more attention to any occasion at which those who have helped with traffic control or injury control have been awarded. That could include even small events, such as those in which bicycle riders get trained on how to ride in the local streets safely, and how to maintain their bicycles.

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