How A Road Sign Could Play A Part In Triggering Occurrence of Car Accident

Most on-road accidents take place when 2 or more vehicles collide with each other. Yet the position or condition of a road sign could also be partly responsible for such an accident.

Possible problems with a road sign

Not positioned properly; not in original position
Not maintained in satisfactory fashion
–Was obscured by foliage
–Was defaced or stolen and not replaced
–Was destroyed or toppled

What you should learn if a road sign appeared to have played a part in your accident?

For how long did the road sign have that dangerous problem? The longer the time that the accident-causing problem existed, the stronger will be your case.

Was the sign stolen? If so, how much time has passed since that event? As mentioned above, the greater the amount of time that has passed, the stronger will be your case.

Was the problem an actual or proximate cause? Did the sign’s position or condition make a substantial contribution to the circumstances that created the accident?

Who was responsible for the dangerous flaw in the controversial sign? Should a local department of transportation be held accountable, or was a private company responsible for failure to correct the flaw? For instance, was some company being paid to remove foliage from the different road signs?

Actions to be taken by a driver that feels that the position or condition of a road sign worked to cause a reported accident:

While still at the scene of the accident, contact the police. If research indicates that the government is responsible for the sign’s flaw, completion of that particular action can prove most useful.

Check to see if there are any witnesses. Get their contact information. Also, look for evidence of a video camera. If possible, take a picture of the flaw, or of the location that lacked clearly visible signage. You can use it as evidence. When you get home, contact your insurance company. Explain where the controversial sign was located. Indicate whether or not the sign’s flaw seemed to serve as an actual or proximate cause for the accident.

Consider hiring an Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill. Read the next paragraph before making a final decision. If it appears that a government agency is responsible for the circumstances that caused the accident, file a notice of claim with the appropriate governmental body. This must be done within a given span of time. It helps to hire a lawyer, so that you do not miss the deadline for filing this notice.

In the filed notice of claim, you should let the responsible governmental body know the nature of your allegations. Provide details, regarding the time and place of the claimed incident. File a lawsuit in court.

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