What Situation Might Suggest That An Injured Accident Victim Could Manage Without A Lawyer?

Some accident victims hesitate to retain a lawyer. At times, their hesitation reflects a belief that their case is not large and complex. Of course, only a personal injury lawyer can appreciate all the complexities associated with a given case.

There are times when a claimant does not need to hire an injury lawyer.

When a personal injury claim is less than $20,000, it is not necessary to retain a Personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill. Claimants that feel ready to deal with the insurance company may not have much reason for hiring an injury lawyer.

Factors that accident victims ought to keep in mind, when they are deciding whether or not to use an injury lawyer’s services.

Lawyers understand when to keep negotiating with the insurance company, and when to settle.

If there were questions regarding the liability for any damages, then the insurance company could come forward with a low-ball offer. The presentation of such an offer would reduce greatly the chances that the 2 sides might reach a reasonable settlement. That could mean the absence of a fair compensation.

By the same token, if any reported injury were to strike the insurer as being “odd,” then the adjuster’s offer might be in the region of a low-ball figure. That would again reduce the chances for a reasonable settlement. Consequently, without a lawyer’s help, the agreed-upon compensation might be less than anticipated.

In the absence of a lawyer, the claimant becomes responsible for collecting all the necessary paperwork. The failure to obtain specific papers could force a decrease in the claimant’s desired compensation.

The danger of assumptions

If the driver was not injured, and if no other adult passenger were injured, it might be assumed that any younger passengers without visible injuries did not need to see a doctor. Actually, all of the occupants in the impacted vehicle should see a doctor.

Lawyers realize that a claimant should not start negotiating with the insurance company until all victims have reached the stage of maximum medical improvement. A victim’s level of improvement cannot be determined, if he or she has not seen a physician.

True, the insurance company might seek proof that the younger person was injured. Still, the statute of limitations can be extended, if a minor has sustained an injury. That would provide any injury lawyer with more time in which to dig up evidence of the harm done to the child or teenager.

Moreover, new symptoms might develop over time. That would provide the insurance company with more proof of the impact’s effect on the health of the young occupant of the impacted vehicle. An injury lawyer’s skills could prove useful in such a situation. Those skills might guarantee the winning of a larger compensation.

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