Steps That Guarantee Fair Compensation To Accident Victim

Someone that has been injured in an automobile accident suffers a loss of both health and money. The law acknowledges the fact that such a person deserves to be compensated for those same losses. Still, the legal system has developed a well-established procedure for addressing the needs of such a victim.

Anyone that could one day be involved in an auto accident should take the time to learn about that procedure with the help of Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill. Victims that lack a familiarity with the step-by-step process that victims are expected to use could get deprived of a fair compensation. That process has two parts; one part involves the events and actions that proceed at the scene of the collision.

If you are an accident victim, what should be your actions at the scene of the collision?

Get medical help as soon as possible. Do not dismiss any suggestion you should be seen by a doctor. If you agree to get transported to a hospital by emergency personnel, ask how that same person might be contacted at a later date.

Use your cell phone to get valuable pictures. Get a photograph of the license plate on the other driver’s car. Take pictures of all aspects of the scene where the collision took place. Snap some pictures of your injuries and of the damage done to your vehicle.

Speak with any witnesses and get their contact information. Note those details that might not be clear in a photograph, such as the weather conditions and the overall condition of the roadway.

Actions to take in the days following the accident

Start putting all the documents that you have collected in order. That would include any prescription that you got from the doctor that treated you. Make an appointment with your family doctor as well. Any documents you get from that physician should go into a special folder. Expect that same folder to get thicker and thicker.

Ideally, you will have a list of contact numbers. File them in your new folder.

Each time that you have a conversation with someone in the insurance company, take notes. Later store those notes with your other documents.

Hold onto all your medical bills, in the same way that you hold onto your other documents. In order to get a fair compensation for your losses, you must have proof of your medical expenses.

Hire a lawyer, so that you can have assistance, as you go after some other pieces of evidence.

Get hold of the police report, the one submitted by the officers that were at the scene of the accident.

Contact your insurance company. Expect to get hear from the claims adjuster. Speak with your lawyer before meeting with that same adjuster.

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