Things To Consider About Claim Settlements

Typically, there are a few different approaches that you could undertake if you’ve been involved in an accident and you seek to repair damages that you’ve had to sustain. The most common thing that people would think of is to file a lawsuit and let the court handle their faith. However, there are quite a few things that you’d want to account for it. The first thing you should do is to get the medical assistance that you need in order to ensure that your health is prioritized and that you are going to recover.
With this in mind, once you’ve filed the claim with your insurance company it’s not uncommon for the latter to disagree and to refuse payment. That’s when you need to consider the option of going to court. Filing a civil lawsuit is certainly an option but it’s also something rather expensive. After you file your court claim, you can start negotiating a settlement. This is where at least 95% of the personal injury cases in Ontario are resolved. The reasons are different with the most important one of them being that you save quite a lot of time and additional court expenses. However, there are certain factors which are going to determine the overall amount of the settlement. Thus, let’s take a look at those important considerations.

Factors which will increase the value of your settlement

These are those which make your condition worse. Basically, the more severe your condition is, the more money should you expect to receive. So, with this in mind, factors of this kind include but are not limited to:
• Hard injuries – broken bones, joint injuries, wounds, nerve damage and others of the kind
• Primarily medical expenses
• Medical treatment conducted by professional doctors, clinics or hospitals
• Heavy medicine prescribed for the treatment and others of the kind

Factors which are going to lower the amount of your settlement

These are the factors which make your condition better. So, to sum it up – these are going to be things which definitively show that your situation isn’t that bad, so to speak. They include:
• Light injuries such as bruises and other soft tissue injuries
• Brief and quick medical treatment
• Medical treatment by non-M.D. service providers
• Short recovery periods and others of the kind.
In any case, one of the most important things that you would most definitely have to consider is your legal representation. The truth is that you need to make sure that everything is handled by expert lawyers, if you are to receive the maximum value for your injuries in a settlement. With this in mind, you want to get a professional and experienced Injury Lawyer in Georgetown to conduct the negotiations for you. This is the only way to ensure that you are receiving the full value of your damages. They understand the nuances of mediation and negotiations, so that you get maximum claim amount instead of being low balled by the insurance company.

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