Tips For Accident Victim That Plans To File Personal Injury Claim

If someone becomes careless or neglectful and injures you in some way, you have the right to file a personal injury claim. You will become a plaintiff, and you can charge the defendant with negligence. Of course, anyone who chooses to pursue such a route towards justice should learn what to expect.

Steps to take:

Consult with a personal injury lawyer in Richmond Hill; become familiar with the statute of limitations, as applied to your particular case. Find out how much time you have in which to seek medical assistance, if you have not already seen a doctor.

Expect your lawyer to send a written notice of your intentions to the other party. Understand that the other party has the right to file a counter claim. If you become the focus of a counter claim, you must work with your lawyer to develop a satisfactory answer. You need to collect the evidence that you plan to share with your injury lawyer.

Evidence to be collected:

Copy of the police report; your injury lawyer should go after that document. It should reveal who has been named as at-fault for the injury-causing accident. The names and contact information for any witnesses is important and so is the medical report on your injuries. It helps to have pictures of your injuries, as well. Any journal or diary that offers details on the dates when you had to deal with intense pain. Include specific information, such as the activity that triggered development of that pain.

Sometimes, the clothing worn by the victim becomes significant. Details on that clothing can help to strengthen or weaken your case, especially if you were the victim of a hit and run driver. If you were wearing a safety vest or, just had on a bright-colored outfit, those pieces of clothing could be used as evidence.

Not all accidents happen on a road or highway. Sometimes a trip down the stairs can result in a tumbling fall. At such a time, the victim’s footwear on the day of the incident should get added to all the collected evidence.

Share with your legal counsel any information that could signal the need for some type of expert.

If you have a pre-existing condition, do not hide that fact. Experienced lawyers know how to seek out the assistance of medical experts.

If you got injured in an earlier accident, that, too, should be mentioned to your injury lawyer.

If you contributed to the accident in some way, or if your actions aggravated your injury, make certain to share that fact with your legal counsel. Think too, about any action you might have taken, in order to keep from being injured. The defendant’s legal team may suggest that you failed to act in a reasonable manner.

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