Top Myths About Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you may be wondering what you should do next in order to get better. In order to get better sometimes though, you will need to take legal action against the other person or persons involved in the accident.

Many accident victims are unaware of everything that plays a role in what is involved in an accident moving forward. It’s important to pay close attention to the information that is given. Here are some myths that you should be aware of prior to hiring an Injury Lawyer in Richmond Hill.

Big Firms are Better for Your Case

It’s not always the case, sometimes the bigger the firm – the less they can be of assistance to you. It’s a myth that some people assume that a larger firm can get them more compensation or at least the maximum compensation allowed for the injuries received. In many large firms, it turns out that you are simply a number in the long line of other numbers also known as cases.

If you are facing a long-term recovery road, you want a lawyer who only works on automobile accident cases. Working with an independent lawyer will not only get your results faster but they are more aware of what you need and less worried about what they need.

I’ll Get a Team of Lawyers at a Big Firm

Many people are under the assumption that a large firm means that you will have an entire team working with you on your case in order to increase and improve your chances of winning the maximum. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Instead, you may end up with a single lawyer who may be representing you and not an entire team.

A Big Firm Will Get Me Big Money

You have most likely seen the commercials and the billboards that advertise a personal injury lawyer representing a client who has a personal injury claim. You may even hear some settlement results based on claims of individuals who have filed with these firms. While there are a few that work to help, there are those who slip through the cracks because there are simply too many cases for the lawyers to remember or have time to represent. That’s why it is important to go with a smaller group so they can get the money you need and deserve.

My Insurance Will Go up If I Sue

Some people are under the impression that if your involved in an accident, even if its not deemed your fault, your insurance company will raise your rates too. This is not always true and here is why. When an accident occurs and a personal injury claim is filed, the driver who was at fault will be the one held accountable which means that his driver’s insurance company will be the ones held responsible for compensation and not yours.

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