Trauma Experienced By Dog Bite Victims

The experience of coping with a traumatic situation can trigger development of anxiety or depression. Those emotions become even stronger if the trauma was associated with a life-changing injury, such as a disfigurement of the body.

Possible symptoms of adult that was traumatized by a dog bite

• Diminished self esteem
• Fear of all dogs
• Fear of exposure to outdoor environment: Obviously, that would develop in someone that had been outdoors at the time of the attack.
• Tendency to relive attack
• Anxiety
• Depression: This could develop if the victim were to feel partly responsible for the dog bite incident.
• PTSD: Severe anxiety

Possible symptoms in child that has been attacked by a pet canine

• Cries easily
• Fear of all dogs
• Anger
• Nightmares
• Other sleep disturbances
• Bedwetting
• Clinging to parents
• Highly withdrawn

The above symptoms might not show up right away. That is why smart parents’ ought to speak with a lawyer, following the occurrence of such a traumatic incident. A lawyer would know how to seek financial compensation for effective therapy sessions.

Some symptoms can be hard to spot. For instance, it could be difficult to identify signs of depression in someone that was always rather quiet. Similarly, it could be hard to note that a child had become withdrawn, if he or she was normally quiet, or uninterested in typical childhood activities.

Why should the dog’s owner have to pay for someone else’s psychological services?

Parents might not be familiar with the challenges to facing someone that wants to control an unwanted behavior. For instance, too much emphasis on anger management could keep a child from making a legitimate complaint.

If a child had become highly withdrawn, how could parents determine the proper degree for interaction with society? How could they know how to encourage an acceptable level of interaction?

Even in adults, some of the symptoms could impede career advancement. For instance, a diminished level of self-esteem would discourage efforts to get recognized and rewarded for accomplishments. A lack of recognition could impede chances for advancing in a chosen career.

It makes no sense to ignore enforcement of dog-bite rules, if others must suffer as a result. Someone that had been making progress in a given career should not reach a roadblock, just because he or she had become the target of a dog’s teeth.

Personal injury lawyers in Vaughan appreciate that fact. That is why a dog-bite victim ought to consult with a personal injury lawyer. When children have been the victims, their parents’ ought to seek the services of a personal injury attorney. The right therapy should help those young people to outgrow any emotional problems that might have developed, following the biting incident.

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